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Marketscience is our exclusive partner for joint project delivery, client training and R&D, effectively working as one company for our clients and prospects, we now provide a combination of scale and science that will meet the need of the Enterprise whether it is DIFM, DIWM or DIY. Our shared commitment to transparent solutions, rigorous methodology and open engagement are the foundation of this client focused partnership.


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Due to the comprehensive nature of our analytics approach, consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers has selected us as their exclusive partner in the assurance and advisory sector. Together, we provide clients with insights on capitalizing marketing investments, aligning with media auditing, and better informing strategic finance functions.


As an approved marketing partner, we have direct access to Facebook & Google platform data and work closely with their individual support teams to ensure optimal usage of data.


Mesh is an innovative marketing research company focused on measuring customer (CX) and brand experience (BX) -- leading indicators of long-term marketing impact. Our strategic partnership with M ESH encompasses our shared mission to change the way marketers measure, invest and value brand interactions with consumers using the power of analytics. We are creating custom, insights-focused solutions that provide a holistic view of customer's experience and behaviors with brands, driving more powerful communication and delivery optimization for our clients.


Timberlake is a worldwide market leader in the sale and distribution of Statistical, Econometric, Forecasting, and Mathematical software. We value Timberlake's well established and close partnerships with software development across these highly specialized academic and scientific fields.