Demystifying MMM

Uncovering the Realistic Capabilities of Marketing Mix Modeling   It’s 2017: you’re explaining to your CMO, CFO, and other department leads about the vast opportunities that Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) can unearth for your brand. You run your audience through various scenarios and examples that showcase these opportunities in detail. The promise of a ‘new …

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Should MMM Reports Be Vendor-Based?

Traditionally, marketing mix models (MMM) have analyzed performance by channels – such as TV, print, radio, and digital – all because it aligned to how media was bought. Nowadays however, buys are increasingly integrated, meaning that media conglomerates like Comcast, Facebook, and Google package multiple channels together. When channels like TV and digital are bundled …

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Build, Borrow or Buy: Analytics Enablement for In-House Marketers

Few companies are achieving advanced marketing analytics at scale despite the benefits of doing so. Analytics should offer the prospect of improved efficiency and effectiveness in demand generation management. The dream of profitable growth for a company is potentially in reach with an analytics culture that drives both tactical and strategic decision-making. What then is …

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A Snapshot of Nitesh Sahay

A Snapshot of Nitesh Sahay, Managing Director & Associate Partner Excerpted from a recent interview What was the impetus for you to join Truesight Consulting? Nitesh: I worked with David & Sebastian for several years at a former top 6 advanced analytics firm where I was regional director, APAC. Together, we built a remarkable team, …

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