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The pharmaceutical industry is under increased pressure from several angles. More conservative regulators, shorter patent lives and challenged market access are all narrowing the window for monetizing products. Savvy consumers, physician marketing regulation, difficulty detailing physicians, generic competition and changes to manage care are all contributing to a difficult marketing environment requiring companies to take a holistic integrated view of the marketing chain.

Pharmaceutical marketing is under increasing pressure:

  • 1

    Increased competition in DTC marketing has led to reduced efficiencies of traditional tactics combined with an explosion in new digital channel opportunities

  • 2

    Harder regulations in Physician marketing have reduced effectiveness in this channel, and rep time is being increasingly reduced under diminishing returns

  • 3

    Pull based digital marketing and distribution channels create both opportunities and risks in interacting with patients and physicians

  • 4

    Shortened patent lives, challenged market access and changes to managed care is creating challenges to recouping R&D investment costs

  • 5

    More savvy patients with access to alternate information sources and changes to the physician / patient dynamic

To address pressures on marketing budgets, marketers need to take an integrated view of DTC and professional marketing and sales efforts to answer key critical questions about marketing ROI and efficiency:

  • Who are the highest value potential segments given size, clinical situation and response to program?

  • How to extract larger value from non-core HCP segments in the long tail?

  • How to reach patients in a way that drives involvement, action and compliance

  • Who are the highest value potential segments given size, clinical situation and response to program?

  • How to drive physician likelihood to heed patient request?

  • How to trade off key marketing vehicles by understanding their average and marginal contribution to Rx volume?

  • How to deploy channels in a cost effective way against smaller segments and how to trade these off vs. traditional detailing efforts?