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Scale. Depth. Transparency. Advanced Analytics that perform.

Our advanced analytics software is infused with cutting-edge, innovative algorithms that can help you solve even your most intractable marketing and sales problems. Make the best decisions possible. And identify opportunities and optimize outcomes you might otherwise miss

Data Visualization & Analysis

TSC’s Data Visualization and Analysis module provides a modern, integrated environment specifically for advanced marketing analytics. Users, including those without advanced analytic skills, can examine and understand the sets of visuals and statistics needed to both verify the data and form initial insights and hypotheses on what's driving demand

  • Ensure data quality and alignment
  • Comprehend information quickly
  • Pinpoint emerging trends
  • Identify relationships and patterns
  • Communicate story to stakeholders

Dynamic Bayes Modeling

The core modeling module provides a comprehensive user interface (UI) for specifying the model setup which then integrates with the model database to perform any specified transformation of variables and passes the required data-set to the proprietary model estimation algorithm that is housed with-in the Ox metrics analytics package. Results from Ox are then passed back for viewing in the UI.

  • Unique and proven model estimation algorithm for modeling consumer demand and experience
  • State Space Functions (SSF) based with Bayesian Pooling for large panel data-sets
  • Covers all potential marketing response functions

Full System Decomposition

The Full System Decomposition (FSD) provides an elegant and automated solution to the challenge of turning a given econometric model result into a complete model report. The module calculates all the net parameters of a full system of linked models based on the marketing funnel structure that was estimated and integrates these with the database to create the full report and visuals.

  • Decomposing the overall problem into a set of component problems, each with an exclusive set of decision variables, which are solved in parallel… reducing time to solution significantly
  • Fully automated, which meets the challenge of turning a given econometric model result into a complete model report
  • Integrates the calculated net parameters from linked models across the marketing funnel with the system database for deeper details and visualization

Simulation & Optimization

The Simulation and Optimization (SimOpt) module supports clients with advanced and robust methods for optimizing marketing investments. Our SimOpt approach integrates model results with a series of factors that better future-proof those results for greater planning accuracy. The web based infrastructure supports multiple users in a safe, secure and credentialed environment.

  • Provides a potent set of optimization and simulation techniques to identify the actions that will produce the best results, while operating within resource limits and other relevant constraints
  • Marketing organizations can consider more alternative actions and scenarios, and determine the best allocation of resources and plans for accomplishing objectives and managing activation

Forecasting & Reporting

The Forecasting and Reporting Module rounds out the Marketscience studio with a comprehensive tool for monitoring in market performance of the model in terms of ongoing forecast accuracy. In addition this provides an ongoing decomposition and indication of the impact of driving factors during the forecast period thus supporting ongoing diagnosis of performance.

  • Ideal approaches for Marketing, Sales and Ops forecasting and collaboration
  • Seamless forecasting by product, campaign, region or any other dimension

Proof Points

Academic Validation

Developed in conjunction with Siem Jan Koopman, professor of econometrics at VU Amsterdam

The application of state-space methods to Consumer Demand estimation has been a very interesting and stimulating project for me. Integrating the Hierarchical Bayesian component is a great advance in the deployment of these methods to large scale datasets. Working with Peter and the Truesight team and seeing this deployed in the commercial space has been extremely rewarding”. - Koopman 

We are proud of our association with Siem Jan and have a great working relationship in bringing this exciting science to the business community.

San Jan Koopman

Client Review

Intel selected Truesight Marketscience to revamp their MMM solution and deliver a more transparent, comprehensive analytic solution.

The studio and accompanying team support provided us with the necessary quality assurance to stand up to our stakeholders and partners in finance and marketing. This project was critical to re-establish trust in MMM. It also led to the successful adoption of the recommendations to improve performance

- Yerjanat Khabai, Marketing Data Science and Analytics Manager, at Intel

intel pic

Client Review

For client Unitymedia, Truesight Marketscience designed and implemented a multi-phased marketing analytics program that would measure the impact of investments and other sales drivers.

We had an immediate need to transform into a data-driven organization while at the same time, optimizing spend to maximize effectiveness and enhance collaboration between our departments. We also needed a partner that would train, fully enable and then support our in-house analytics experts to own, manage and operate the full analytics process once the project was completed.”

- James Oliver, Data Scientist Team Lead at Unitymedia.


PwC Partner Review studio was selected by PwC after a competitive review

“It was the only solution that provided the necessary comprehensiveness to inform the complex financial models of the demand-side. Given our reliance on these models to make large investment and accounting recommendations, the academic and professional backing of the solution provided us with the leading edge and necessary support”.

- Dr. Jonathan Gillham, Director of Economic Modeling and Econometrics at PwC

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