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The Simulation and Optimization (SimOpt) module supports clients with advanced and robust methods for optimizing marketing investments. Our SimOpt approach integrates model results with a series of factors that better future-proof those results for greater planning accuracy. The web based infrastructure supports multiple users in a safe, secure and credentialed environment.

Key Features

  • Multiple Optimizations Supported

    Multiple planning objectives are supporting: Optimizing Budgets, Achieving Goals, Increasing or Reducing Plans, etc.

  • Comprehensive Set of Response Adjustment Factors

    Response curves are based on historical results but many factors can influence how these response’s may change in the future. The UI takes the user through a logical flow of response adjustment factors including: Costs changes, Audience changes, Event and Promotional calendars, and, Constraints

  • Drillable Results Screens

    Comprehensive results screen can be easily collapsed and expanded to allow user to drill into details as needed. Easy integration with MS Office to export tables and charts.

  • Scalable Workspace

    Web interface and database allow for archiving of results and for multi-layered access controls to manage large number of users

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Simulation & Optimization

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