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Simulation and Optimization Analysis

Reduce your costs, maximize your ROI, and enable more satisfied, loyal and profitable customers.


The ultimate focus of our work is to inform Simulation & Optimization. As a result, the tools we have developed to support this step are typically the most heavily utilized by clients. The module reflects years of user feedback and experience, thus providing an intuitive interface that puts powerful optimizations in your hands.

The primary function of the tool is to aid marketing and campaign decision making by leveraging model results. 

The basic function of this tool is to provide optimized investment recommendations based on objectives. A user may specify several optimization objectives:

  • Optimize an increased or reduced budget

  • Achieve a sales goal

  • Simulate a given plan

Next the user may specify which parts of the business (geographic, product range, customer segment, etc.) are to be included within the optimization scope. This should align with the budget being optimized and the type of optimization being run. The user can then set constraints or events to the optimization, such as: 

  • Minimum and maximum spend levels (for certain times, channels, locations, etc.) 
  • Specific time periods (when we expect marketing to be more or less effective) 

Once the optimization run, the user will see the results displayed within the module. This includes:

  • 1

    A summary of the investment, sales and ROI

  • 2

    Prediction of the impact of the constraints

  • 3

    Detail on the allocation across each dimension optimized (geo, product, segment, channel)

  • 4

    Uniquely an allocation with variable flighting over time (depending on model scope)

All scenarios are stored online within the tool database but can be easily exported to the MS Office suite for further manipulation and sharing.

Sim Opt Screen captures

Key Features

Make the most of every marketing decision throughout the customer journey. Deliver the best offer in every situation at the most appropriate time. And know how changes in business constraints will affect outcomes.

We deliver true marketing and media optimization backed by advanced analytics. That means reduced costs, higher ROI, and more satisfied, loyal and profitable customers.

Robust optimization

True mathematical optimization, based on powerful analytics, gives you the ability to:

  • Specify number of offers per customer or household across the planning horizon or rolling time period.
  • Stipulate number of offers from a group or subgroup (e.g., make at most two cross-sell offers through email or one rebate offer per brand).
  • Indicate blocking policies (e.g., if you make Offer A, don't make Offer B for three weeks).
  • Create summary reports and graphs showing total costs, profit and other metrics by offer, product, channel, time period, campaign, offer group or offer subgroup.
  • Classify optimal results by offer, product, channel, time period, campaign, offer group or offer subgroup.
  • Perform visual sensitivity analysis for all constraints.
  • Generate a range analysis graph when two objectives are defined.
  • Run optimizations with the ability to account for:
    • Budget, contact policies and resource consumption.
    • Channel availability for store, branch, call center, direct mail, email, mobile or other channels.
    • Customer-level attributes, such as consumer credit scores or recent purchase amounts.
    • Desired minimum or maximum cell sizes for any campaign, offer or combination of offers.
    • Nearly any custom customer-level criteria (e.g., total revenues greater than or equal to $25 million, or average portfolio risk score greater than or equal to 680).

Scenario analysis

  • Optimize multiple scenarios, then review and compare outputs.
  • Run different scenarios based on constraints and optimization objectives, contact policy and offer economics.
  • Send output – i.e., the optimal solution – directly to your campaign execution system.


  • A centrally administered thin-client user interface requires no prior setup, and can be run from any browser.
  • Wizards guide users through frequent tasks and integration with SAS Marketing Automation.
  • User interface-level integration with inbound, outbound and real-time marketing applications enables users to move between tasks via a navigation menu.
  • Flexible security and permissions management is enabled via a dedicated page within the interface.
  • Integrated faceted search capabilities let you search metadata for items based on specific attributes.
  • The user-friendly interface enables you to:
    • View optimization table data directly from the interface.
    • Attach conversation threads in text form, as well as insert third-party attachments (e.g., Microsoft Word or Excel files) to enable collaboration and auditing directly within the project.
    • Reuse existing work (e.g., to create, copy, rename, delete or compare scenarios).
    • Hide or expose advanced optimization functions to support different user needs.

High-dimensional framework

A high-dimensional framework delivers increased power that enables you to:

  • Schedule, execute and optimize more campaigns than ever before.
  • Run complex optimization problems that were previously unsolvable due to scale (e.g., thousands of constraints versus thousands of policies versus millions of customers).
  • Take advantage of relational database management systems (RDBMS).
  • Perform test and control procedures against entire customer data stores, not just sample groups.